Friday, April 22, 2011

Free Webcasts from PECS

Pyramid Educational Consultants are proud to announce the arrival of our new webcast series! Our webcasts incorporate slide show presentations and audio narration. Current titles include I am the Master of My Emotions and PECS and Skinner’s Verbal Behavior. I am the Master of my Emotions (45 minutes) In Pyramid’s second webcast, I am the Master of my Emotions, join Andy Bondy as he explores why many children, especially those with autism, have difficulty in acquiring language related to expressing emotions and identifying emotions in other people. Andy presents the information in a simple and conversational manner, enabling even the novice to grasp the concepts discussed.What You Will Begin To Learn: To describe how children typically learn to comment about "private events" The type of information adults respond to when teaching children to tell us about their emotions, and what may be missing for children with autism Why traditional approaches to teaching "the language of emotions" may not be effective and how they can be improved How to take advantage of existing emotional displays and how to create situations that are likely to induce such feelings Why it is not really easy to teach “really” Why it will be helpful to attend the full-day workshop, The Language of Emotions PECS and Skinner’s Verbal Behavior (60 minutes) In Pyramid’s first webcast, PECS and Skinner’s Verbal Behavior, join Andy Bondy and Lori Frost as they explore how the work of B.F. Skinner can help everyone better understand how language can be viewed from a behavioral perspective. The information is presented in a simple and conversational manner, enabling even the novice to grasp the concepts discussed. What You Will Learn: Define “verbal behavior” and “vocal” behavior Name the three antecedent conditions for verbal behavior List three primary verbal operants Analyze pure versus multiply controlled verbal operants.

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