Monday, June 28, 2010

Sensory Processing Workshops

This seminar is a pivotal training experience for anyone concerned with helping a child or adolescent with Sensory Processing issues. Every child is different and when one treatment plan may work for one, it may be ineffective for another. This seminar emphasizes many factors that can decrease SPD symptoms, and you will be able to immediately create and implement a specifically designed Sensory Diet upon return to your practice or home. This thorough seminar features extensive diagnostic information and hundreds of specific corrective activities for children and adolescents with SPD. Throughout the day, Dr. Taylor describes and demonstrates safe forms of movement and appropriate, fun and easy activities that avoid sensory overload while providing corrective and therapeutic sensory inputs.
07/19/10 - Helena, MT
07/20/10 - Missoula, MT
07/21/10 - Kalispell, MT