Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Positive Practices in Behavior Support - FREE Training!!

(Doug Note: This is an amazing training that we haven't had in Montana in awhile. It is filled with dozens of great ideas that can be used the very next day. Maybe people have said that it is the best and most useful training on behavior management they have ever attended.)

Missoula - Hilton Garden Inn*
August 13, 14, & 15, 2019

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day

Six OPI CEUs per day
This training is for all educators.
August 13 (Tuesday)

Nonaversive Behavioral Support and Basic Principles of Positive Programming
This day will provide an overview of a person-centered, multi-element model and describe positive programming and environmental change strategies for providing positive behavior supports to people with challenging behavior. We also investigate reinforcement and motivational strategies to promote rapid behavior change.

August 14 (Wednesday)

Comprehensive Functional Assessment and Advanced Support Strategies
Building on Day 1, this day will provide in-depth training in behavioral assessment, functional analysis of behavior and additional support strategies. You will learn how to determine the function of behavior by following the structure reported in the Behavior Assessment Guide. Also, you will learn to develop positive support plans based on the behavioral assessment and use some unique and advanced positive support strategies to change behavior, such as altering motivation, altering the antecedents and teaching that the challenging behavior may be OK at certain times.

August 15 (Thursday)

Emergency Management and Reactive Strategies Within a Positive Practices Framework
When punishment is no longer used to manage behavior, people ask: "What do we do when the behavior occurs?" What do we do in a crisis?" This day will provide an overview of emergency management and reactive strategies that when used as part of a complete support plan will reduce or eliminate the use of restraints or restrictive practices. This program does NOT teach "physical management or restraint strategies" but does teach strategies such as antecedent control, instructional control, active listening, stimulus change, counter-intuitive strategies, to name a few. You will also learn some strategies to recognize and meet the emotional needs of staff

Training offered by Thomas J. Willis, Ph.D. Dr. Willis is a cofounder of the Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis in Los Angeles, California. He is an internationally recognized authority and lecturer on the topics of behavioral assessment, positive behavioral support and staff management strategies for total quality assurance. He is an energetic and animated speaker who has provided training to thousands of professionals in half a dozen countries.
With decades of experience as a behavioral consultant and workshop leader, he has coauthored numerous articles and chapters on providing person-centered behavioral support to people with severe and challenging behavior including: The Behavior Assessment Guide, The Reinforcement Inventory, and Emergency Management Guidelines.

*There is a block of rooms available at the rate of $146 (plus tax) under the block name, "MTOPI" The OPI cannot provide travel reimbursement.