Friday, April 6, 2018

Movin' On in Montana:

Enrollment Now Open

Movin' On in Montana: An Enhanced E-Mentoring experience is a unique opportunity for high school students with disabilities to receive guidance with the difficult transition from high school to college.  The dates of this transitional opportunity are June 26-29, 2018.  This three-and-a-half day on campus experience at Montana State University Billings is being provided by the Montana Center for Inclusive Education.  Students will live in the dorms, eat in the cafeteria, attend classes, tour other college campuses, and enjoy recreational events in the community of Billings.  This experience gives students their initial exposure to post-secondary education.  Books, fees, room, and board are provided at no charge to the student's family or school.

Highlights include:
  • Touring the campuses of Montana State University Billings, City College, and Rocky Mountain College 
  • Tour of the Rocky Mountain College's aviation program 
  • Meet other students from around the state 
  • Meet college students who have made the transition from high school to college 
  • Attend a Billings Mustangs baseball game 
  • Experience an actual college class 
  • Meet with college representative who can assist in filling at all that paperwork necessary for attending college 
  • To have FUN and much more 
  • Movin' On brochure LINK
  • Movin' On website LINK
  • Movin' On registration LINK
  • Montana Center for Inclusive Education LINK
  • Montana State University Billings website LINK
  • Deb Miller, Project Coordinator, (406-657-2072) 
  • John Keener, Project Coordinator, (406-657-1743)