Monday, December 4, 2017

Families: Learn How to Find Autism-Friendly Colleges

Federal law mandates that almost all colleges provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities, says Brown. These may include extended test time or a note taker, adds Amy Edwards, director of the Drexel Autism Support Program at DrexelUniversity in Philadelphia. But students will need to communicate with college officials that they have ASD and follow established procedures to receive accommodations. 
To find the right school, families should consider the type of support that is helpful for their high schooler and look for colleges that can provide these services, Edwards says. 
About 60 college autism support programs are available in the U.S. and offer support well beyond federal mandates, says Brown, and they may provide students help with socializing, tutoring and adjusting to campus life. 
But they do usually have an associated fee. Brown says the average is about $3,000 a semester, although she notes that families may be able to receive financial assistance through scholarships or through their state's vocational rehabilitation services office.
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