Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Death to the Behavior Chart! 3 Reasons to Resist the Lure of Punishments and Rewards

Imagine this: You’re sitting in a faculty meeting, bored and tired. As your principal talks, gesturing at PowerPoint slides, your mind starts to wander. You furtively pull out your phone and check Facebook, just for a minute.
Suddenly your principal’s voice rings out. All heads turn to look at you as she barks your name. "Mr. Minkel! We do not check our phones during faculty meetings! Go change your color."
You stand up, your face flushed with heat and shame, and trudge to the front of the room to change the green square by your name to a yellow "Warning." Walking back to your seat, past the gauntlet of other teachers, you try to avoid their gaze.
You jam your phone back into your pocket, where it stays for the rest of the meeting. Still, you find it hard to concentrate on whatever your principal is talking about. It feels like everyone in the room is looking at you, whispering and snickering about what just happened.
By the time the meeting ends, your principal has probably forgotten all about the incident. But when you go to bed that night, you’re still thinking about it. The next morning at school, your principal is exceedingly nice to you, but you feel awkward around her and try to avoid her in the halls.

Why Give Up the Behavior Chart?