Thursday, May 19, 2016

Webinar - What Are Soft Skills?

Employment is a major component to leading a happy, healthy and productive adult life. However, there is an array of skills necessary to get and keep a job. No matter the technical requirements of a particular position, Soft Skills are what allow us to get along with others, help us know when and how to ask questions, and guide us to communicate effectively with managers, customers and co-workers. 

Many youth with disabilities are not taught these skills – they often enter the workforce with little idea how to manage and cultivate professional relationships. Lacking Soft Skills can lead to poor interviewing skills, unnecessary confrontations in the workplace, and difficulty retaining employment in the long term. 

Register today for this webinar and learn: 
• What employment Soft Skills are 
• Why it is important for youth to learn what Soft Skills are and how to use them 
• Things to consider when teaching Soft Skills and techniques for including a wide variety of learning styles and abilities 
• How to access the MYTransitions Soft Skills curriculum and future updates 
• And more! 

Register here.