Monday, May 16, 2016

Archived Webinar - Use Evidence-Based Practices like an Expert

Join Dr. Wilczynski for a free webinar to learn how the evidence-based practice of applied behavior analysis involves the integration of the best available evidence gleaned from the literature with professional judgment and client values/context. 

During this highly informative webinar, Dr. Wilczynski will review each of the components of evidence-based practicebut highlights the importance of client and contextual variables that should influence treatment selection. 

View the archived webinar here. 
Educators will quickly learn how-to:

  1. Identify efficacious treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder. 
  2. Describe the importance of client (including family) variables in selecting appropriate behavior analytic services. 
  3. Identify multiple contextual variables that should influence selection of treatments for clients with ASD.