Monday, April 25, 2016


Free Certificates of Participation are available upon passing an online quiz for most  webinars. Some events offer Continuing Education Units and/or Continuing Medical Education credits. We are adding new talks for 2016 in the weeks to come - watch our eblasts and check the website for updates.     
Mar. 23: Caring for Siblings REGISTER 
April 7: *An Introduction to the Anti-Inflammatory Diet REGISTER 
April 21: *Utilizing Students' Interests to Teach Social Skills REGISTER 
May 6: *Hydration: How Much is Enough? REGISTER 
May 11: *Practical Strategies for Building a Healthy Meal Plan REGISTER 
May 19: *Nutrition and Adolescents REGISTER 
June 2: *Overview of the DSM-5 Changes to the Diagnosis of ASD REGISTER 
June 8: Law Enforcement Issues and ASD REGISTER 
June 16: *Effects of Medical Experiences on Early Development REGISTER
June 29: Sleep Issues in ASD - Live Q&A REGISTER 
July 7: *How to Organize Your Family and Thrive in Chaos REGISTER 
July 13: Healthy Nutrition Approaches for the School and School Year REGISTER 
July 21: *Utilizing Praise for Social and Emotional Learning REGISTER 
Aug 18: *Social Skills, Social Networking, and Adolescents with ASD REGISTER 
Aug 25: *Tips and Resources for Emergency Personnel REGISTER
Sept. 7: Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome | REGISTER 
Sept 14: How to Evaluate Quality Nutritional Supplements REGISTER 
Sept 15: *Breakfast and Learning/Academic Performance REGISTER 
Sept 29: *Decision Making Thoughts for Parents and Caregivers REGISTER 
Oct 6: *Parents' and Students' Rights in Special Education REGISTER
Oct 12: Environmental Factors in ASD - Research Updates REGISTER 
Oct 20: *Feeding: Beyond the Basics REGISTER 
Nov 4: *Anxiety and Autism: What You Need To Know REGISTER 
Nov 9: Obesity and Failure-to-Thrive Concerns in Children with ASD REGISTER 
Nov 17: *Johnson Center Research Update REGISTER 
Dec 2: *Patient and Family Centered Care: What You Need to Know REGISTER 
Dec 7: Ask the Nutritionist - Live Q&A REGISTER 

Dec 15: *Essential Oils - Separating Fact from Fiction REGISTER