Monday, October 19, 2015

App - Autism & Beyond

Autism & Beyond is a groundbreaking new study of childhood mental health powered by Apple’s ResearchKit. The study aims to test new video technology that can analyze a child’s emotion and behavior. We hope that this technology may one day be used to screen young children in their homes for autism and mental health challenges, such as anxiety or tantrums. We want parents to have tools that will help them understand their children and find help if they need it. We invite you to join Duke as we: • Learn about all children and families • Create new screening tools for autism and challenging behaviors and emotions, like tantrums and anxiety • Support children’s healthy development • Gain a better understanding of what parents need Eligibility: You and your child are eligible to participate in the Autism & Beyond study if: • You are at least 18 years of age • You have a child who is at least one year old or less than 6 years old • You are the parent or legal guardian of this child • You are able to read English • You live in the United States

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