Friday, January 9, 2015

There's An App For That!

(We recently queried people about their favorite apps. If you have an app you would like to suggest, send it to I have been using a lot of visual schedules on my iPad and the two I like best are Choiceworks (for younger kids) and 30/30 (for older kids with Autism and poor organizational skills.) Choice works allows you to create a visual schedule with icons and move the icons when the task is completed. It's fully customizable, so you can actually take pictures of students completing tasks and add it to your visual schedule. You can add a time to each task as well. There is also an option to put a reward at the end- and the child can even choose between 2 rewards. For 30/30, it's very similar, but just targeted to an older audience. I could see a middle school or high school general education student using it to organize a large project or see a student with Autism following a schedule his para made. It's a great app!I'm an SLP and My Play Home (they have a lite, free version) is always a hit with my kids pre-K through HS and I use it to target language skills like concepts, describing/defining, following directions, etc. It's so versatile! For rewards, the big one my students are LOVING right now is LEGO City My City.