Friday, January 9, 2015

There's An App For That!

(We recently queried people about their favorite apps. If you have an app you would like to suggest, send it to Autismate - it is an augmentative communication system that allows you to take pictures of actual environments then create hotspots for the student to activate. At the hotspots you can have videos, visual schedules or just pictures of choices. It seems to mean more than proloqou to some of my students with ASD. It is not cheap but is worth the money. My Playhome
- cheap or sometimes free-it has different rooms in a house and you drag family members into the space and then they do whatever one does in that room. Kids with ASD tend to be labelers but not use verbs so it is a good motivating way to practice (ex: Mom is brushing her teeth! Dad is showering!" There are also lots of vocabulary opportunities.