Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Asthma as a risk factor for autism?

. Based on the examination of a large health insurance database based in Taiwan, researchers identified over 2000 preschool children diagnosed with asthma – a chronic inflammatory disease affecting the airways – and compared them with a non-asthmatic control group, looking for any subsequent evidence of a psychiatrist diagnosed autism spectrum disorder label (based on ICD-9 criteria) up to 8 years later. They reported that contrasted with an autism diagnosis rate of 0.7% among the non-asthmatic control group, the prevalence of autism in the asthma group was 1.3%, a statistically significant difference. Further, when controlling for various other potentially influential variables such as gender, where a person lived (urban or rural) or the presence of other comorbid allergic diseases, Tsai and colleagues reported that the risk of autism among children with asthma was over twice as much as in non-asthmatics.

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