Thursday, December 19, 2013

Autism Study Links Bowel Symptoms and Rigid, Repetitive Behaviors

Specifically, they looked at children who experience severe constipation that alternates with periods of diarrhea or stool leakage – a pattern often seen by gastroenterologists who care for patients with autism. The investigators found that children with these GI symptoms were more likely to have difficulties with repetitive or compulsive behaviors, as reported by their parents. This was in comparison to children with autism but no chronic constipation. “Our findings add support to the conclusion that children with both autism and GI disturbances are at greater risk for severely disruptive, autism-related behaviors,” says study co-author Pat Levitt, of Children's Hospital Los Angeles. The study also involved investigators at Vanderbilt University Medical School and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. All three medical centers are part of the AS-ATN.

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