Monday, November 18, 2013

Resources for Educating Students about Peers with ASD

These are some online resources we pulled together for a teacher. Montana Autism Education Project staff are also available to provide trainings to general education teachers and peers. Contact Doug Doty at if you are interested in scheduling a training. a. AutismVision: Creating Classroom Connections for Children with Autism These are a series of videos + a presenter packet for explaining different types of autism to students of different ages. b. Some Extremely Reasonable Suggestions for “Typical” Parents, Family, and Teachers on Behalf of Kids With Asperger’s Syndrome c. How to Talk to an “Aspi” – Asperger’s, Autism, Labels, Stereotypes and Strategies d. What it's like to walk down a street when you have autism or an ASD e. Understanding Autism: A Guide for Secondary School Teachers f. The School Community g. Educating Children About Autism In An Inclusive Classroom

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 Some extremely reasonable Suggestions for "Typical " Parenting

How to talk to an "Aspi"-Asperger's, Autism. Stereotypes and strategies 

Video. What's it like to walk down the street with autism

Understanding Autism: A guide for secondary teachers

The school community

Educating children about Autism in an Inclusive Classroom: