Friday, August 9, 2013

Study Supports View that Asperger Syndrome Is Distinct Form of Autism

New research documents differences as well as similarities in the brain activity of children with Asperger syndrome and those with other types of autism. The studyappears this week in the open-access journal BMC Medicine. The findings may have implications on how best to help those with Asperger syndrome as compared to others on the autism spectrum, the researchers suggest. They also raise concerns with the recent decision to fold different subtypes of autism – including Asperger syndrome – into one unified diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). "This study offers new evidence suggesting that biological differences may be used alongside behavioral observations to define subsets of individuals living on the autism spectrum," comments Autism Speaks Chief Science Officer Robert Ring. "However, it’s important to point out the preliminary nature of these findings. It’s too early in this specific research story to draw concrete conclusions."
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