Thursday, March 7, 2013

Webinar - Technology and Cognitive Support: Strategies and tools forMemory, Scheduling and Time Management

9:30 AM Pacific, 12:30 PM Eastern This three-part series will explore the question, “How can technology support independence and participation for people with cognitive disabilities?” We will demonstrate examples of technology solutions that can help with task prompting, scheduling and activities of daily living. We will explore product options such as calendars, schedulers, task assistants, transition aids and behavior supports. Participants will: 1) Be introduced to research and current trends in technology-use by people with cognitive disabilities. 2) A variety of no – high tech AT options for people with cognitive disabilities including 3) See examples of how assistive technology can aide with tasks and provide supports for increased independence at any level. For people with cognitive difficulties, completing both simple and complicated tasks can be difficult or impossible. Research indicates that cognitive support technology interventions, often called cognitive prostheses, can help people with cognitive difficultiesremember when to do things such as taking medications, catching a bus, going to work or class, and even just taking out the garbage and manage their time more effectively. This session will provide an introduction to the area of cognitive support technology and describe technology options to support memory, scheduling and time management. After this session you will be able to: 1. List three ways in which research indicates that technology can help people with memory difficulties to function more independently. 2. Identify at least two commonly available tools to support memory, scheduling and time management3.Identify at least two specialized tools that are designed to support memory, scheduling and time management. Login or sign up for a free membership to register for this training.

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