Monday, November 19, 2012

Mothers with ASD ask why scientists are missing girls

Autism is diverse, and mothers with ASD don’t all share the same traits. Of the six interviewed for this story, some said they, too, could be perceived as “cold.” Others said affection came easily. Dubé keeps a compulsive schedule, while another mom often forgets her appointments. But for a group of women who have never met, they share remarkable similarities. All were diagnosed late in life. Most overcame destructive childhood misdiagnoses, and only stumbled onto the correct diagnosis after raising a child who also had autism. Marriage had been a battle. All were diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a high-functioning type of autism, and are highly educated. And every one of them said, forcefully, that the scant resources for adult women with autism peter out completely when it comes to the topic of motherhood. None has ever found a book devoted to ASD mothers, nor a scrap of published research. Counselling services are non-existent, they said.

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