Saturday, October 6, 2012

Challenging Behaviors Tool Kit

Sometimes the difficulties of autism can lead to behaviors that are quite challenging for us to understand and address. Most individuals with autism will display challenging behaviors of some sort at some point in their lives. Autism Speaks has created this Challenging Behaviors Tool Kit to provide you with strategies and resources to address these behaviors, and to help support you and your loved one with autism during these difficult situations. The guiding principle used in developing this kit is that each individual with autism and his family should feel safe and supported, and live a healthy life filled with purpose, dignity, choices, and happiness. With this in mind, positive approaches and suggestions are highlighted throughout the kit. The general framework and intervention principles included are relevant at any stage of life, and we have included basic background information, with links to further information and resources on a variety of topics. Click here to download the Challenging Behaviors Tool Kit. The kit is broken into different sections. You may want to read the kit in its entirety or work through a section at a time: Why is Autism Associated with Aggressive and Challenging Behaviors? Why is it Important to Do Something about Challenging Behaviors? Who Can Help? What is this Idea of a Team? What are the Things to Consider? What are the Positive Strategies for Supporting Behavior Implementation? What Might I Need to Know about Managing a Crisis Situation? What are Long Term Solutions and Where Can Want to Learn More?

 Challenging Behaviors Glossary