Tuesday, July 10, 2012

IACC/OARC ASD Research Publications Analysis: Pre-publication Draft

The Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) and the Office of Autism Research Coordination (OARC) in collaboration with Thomson Reuters, Inc. are pleased to announce the pre-publication release of the IACC/OARC Autism Spectrum Disorder Research Publications Analysis Report: The Global Landscape of Autism Research. (ZIP– 5 MB) This inaugural report describes several key aspects of worldwide ASD research publications, which can be used to inform planning and strategic funding decisions for future autism research. ASD-related research articles published between 1980 and 2010 were analyzed to identify historical trends and publication outputs across the seven critical research areas of the 2011 IACC Strategic Plan for Autism Spectrum Disorder Research. Information found in research publications was also used to assess the institutions conducting ASD research, funding organizations supporting the research publications, and the extent of collaboration between authors from different countries and research institutions. Additionally, measures such as citation counts were used as an assessment of the impact of this published research. By analyzing publications as a major output of the autism research field, this report complements the annual IACC Autism Spectrum Disorder Research Portfolio Analysis Report, which tracks major US inputs or investments into autism research, and highlights trends that can provide a useful perspective on the development and current state of ASD research. A finalized publication along with extended Web appendices will be available shortly.

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