Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Webinar - iPads and High-End Communication Apps: A Comparative Overview

Description: You've heard of Proloquo2Go? How about TouchChat? Predictable? Any other high-end communication apps? What have you heard beyond the names? What would you like to know? Join us for a comparative demonstration and discussion of these three and other communication apps in the $150 - $300 range. If you have experience with any of these apps, please bring perspectives to share. If you have questions about any of these apps, or about iOS device communication apps in general, send them in beforehand to and we'll work to include them in the presentation. Learning Objectives: Gain an understanding of current accessible technologies avialable for people using an iPad or iTouch. Learn the features of Proloquo2Go, TouchChat, and Predictable. Understand different considerations to make informed purchasing decisions.

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