Wednesday, October 20, 2010

iGo Potty

"iGo Potty is a free app (hooray!) and it allows you to set a schedule of reminders for when it’s potty time. Potty reminders can be set anywhere from 30 minutes to ten hours apart. The times are set in half hour increments and can be adjusted using a slider. The app is courteous enough to let you set a time span of when you would like your reminders. This means you can eliminate reminders in the middle of the night. When it’s time for a reminder Patty the Potty will appear on the screen with an “It’s Time to Go Potty!” message. Here you (or your child) can tap “Not Now” or “Answer”. If you choose to answer then Patty will put up a screen message that says “Potty in Progress”. Tap the done button and Patty will want to know how your child did. The answer choices are “I went potty!”, “I tried to go!” or “I didn’t go this time”. If your child went to the bathroom they will earn a new virtual sticker. When they’ve earned nine stickers they will unlock a game. The app tracks three rows of nine stickers and you can always wipe the record clean and begin again. The app has a “Progress” screen that will display a bar graph showing how many times your child has successfully used the bathroom. This graph can be emailed out. When your child has finished their training you can use this section to create a diploma with their name on it. In iGo Potty’s settings you can personalize the app with your child’s name and photo. Here you will choose the ringtone you’d like to hear when the app reminds you it’s potty time. Choose from the “I’m a big kid now” song, a flushing noise or my favorite, the slide whistle."
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